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Our three-day virtual event provides an opportunity for you to get to know our crane team and offers exclusive insight into our operations with:

  • A Virtual Showroom featuring 360-degree footage of our crane line-up
  • Live Videos highlighting our cranes, manufacturing and testing procedures
  • An Educational Webinar on Wednesday, November 18 at 10:00 am CST. We'll cover everything you need to know about adding a crane to your fleet, from acquisition through asset disposal. You don’t want to miss this informative webinar, followed by a Q&A with our crane team.

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Thank you for your business,

The Load King Parts Team


Hello all, today our freight equalization program has launched for the e-commerce website. This will automatically calculate freight for your order and display it at the time of check-out. This allows you to know the freight charge upfront and prevent any surprises once the invoice arrives. This predicted freight charge will change depending on the shipping method chosen. You will see a rate for ground, air, and LTL. If you choose a Freight Collect shipping method no freight will be added and you will be billed by your carrier just like today.

At this time this is still a pilot program so freight charges will ONLY be shown if your order is under one-thousand dollars. Anything over this one-thousand-dollar threshold will be billed freight at time of invoicing just like it is today.

If there are any questions on this program, please reach out to us.

Thank you for your business,

The Load King Parts Team

08/04/20 – Freight Tracking & Freight Collect

Hello, recently a change was made to the website. This change will allow you to view the tracking numbers, the shipment method, the quantity, and the date shipped on each line of your orders. An example screenshot of this can be found below. Note that the tracking numbers will only apply to NEW orders placed. Previously placed orders will NOT show this information. In some cases, you may have multiple tracking numbers per line like the screenshot. In other instances, you will have one tracking number for the entire order.

Along with the above change there was also a 'Freight Collect' shipping method added at the check-out screen. Once this option is selected you will be greeted with a pop-up where you can type in your preferred carrier and your account number with them. Once you have inputted your carrier and your account number click ‘Ok.’ Your order will now be submitted into our system with the selected collect account. You will also notice on future orders that the collect account you entered will be saved. This will allow you to easily select the collect account without having to type it in again and again.


If there are any questions on this change please reach out to us.

Thank you,

The Load King Parts Team


Hello, recently a change was made to the website. This change will allow you to view not only the status of your order but also the status of each line on your order. You will be able to tell which lines are backordered, which are being processed, and which have shipped. The goal here is to provide you with greater transparency with your order.

The statues that you will see are:

  • Pending – Order has been entered. No work has been done yet.
  • Ordered – Parts are ordered and being processed.
  • Backordered – Parts are backordered.
  • Shipped – The part has gone out the door to your location.
  • Partial – A portion of the ordered part’s quantity is backordered.
  • Mixed – A catch-all if the part does not meet the above statuses.

To view these statuses simply go to your ‘Account Management’ button in the top right of the website and then click on ‘My Orders.’ From here click on ‘View Order’ to view the detail by part. Here is where you will see the item line status. Also refer to below screenshot.



To make Load King Parts more competitive in the marketplace we have lowered our list prices substantially on Greer products. In most cases you will find that our new list mimics Greer distributor pricing.

It is important to note that since we have lowered our list significantly the discounts on these items will differ from the standard discounts that you are accustomed to seeing. In most cases there will NOT be a discount on these parts. This is intentional as the lowering of the list price will result in more savings to you.

Previous transactions will NOT be eligible for this new pricing. This pricing is effective as of today. If there are any questions on this change, please reach out to us.

Check out some of the top moving Greer products:

Thank you for your business,

The Load King Parts Team.


06/29/2020 - Load King Parts Discount & Pricing Update

Hello, earlier this month a change was made to the Load King Parts discount structure. This change allowed for us to move away from the legacy Terex discount model and over to the Load King model. This new discount structure was created to differentiate part prices based on customer status (volume) and parts status (high movers, vs not).

After some time has passed it appears the customer status portion of the matrix is acceptable, but the parts side is causing confusion. Based on your feedback we will be implementing a partial reversal.

Depending on your customer status you will now find that the majority of your parts qualify for the standard discount. While there are still specialty items with a lower discount these will only apply to major steel components such as boom sections, weldments, outriggers, turrets, main frames, etc.

You can also expect a change coming on Greer pricing soon. This change will allow us to be more competitive in the marketplace for the Greer products.

We appreciate your patience and your business. We are learning and growing with you and value your input. If there are any questions on this change, please reach out to us.

Thank you,

The Load King Parts Team


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